Pendrive ADATA AUC360-32G-RGD Darmowy odbiór w 21 miastach! Ocena produktu:

od 34,99 PLN

  • Producent: ADATA
  • Kategoria: PenDrive
  • Pojemność: 32 GB
  • Interfejs pamięci: 3.1
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Opis produktu
The UC360 USB OTG Flash Drive integrates USB 3.1 and microUSB connectors in an ultra-small housing, delivering higher efficiency and convenience for data transfer across numerous devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. It's resistant to water, dust and shocks, and includes a neat strap mount for excellent portability. USB plus microUSB - convenience "On-the-Go" Combining USB and microUSB connectors, the UC360 can directly connect to mobile devices running Android 4.1 or higher without any cable or adapter plus any desktop or notebook PC's USB ports. Extra expansion for your devices Available in 16GB to 64GB, the super compact UC360 works as storage expansion for mobile devices so you can store more high definition movies and photos. Simple plug n play for easy connection to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. High speed USB 3.1 data transfer Using USB 3.1, the UC360 delivers data in up to 5Gbps for convenience and efficiency via simple plug n play. Protection from water, dust, and shock Advanced COB manufacturing and use of tough metallic materials make the UC360 highly resistant to water, dust, shock, and drops. Wherever you go, it helps safeguard stored data. An easy-go design with strap mount An integral strap mount makes it easy to carry your data with you on a lanyard, keychain, or necklace. Near universal compatibility Listing the devices you can use the UC360 would take forever. They include Android smartphones, PCs, tablets, smart TVs, in-car systems, game consoles, home entertainment systems, and many more.

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